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Commercial Photography The story of your business

Commercial photography captures the most important aspects of your business, aligning perfectly with your branding, to help you communicate visually with your customers through your website, marketing, and sales material.

Food Photography

Food photography requires a special set of skills, much like being a master chef. Knowledge of preparation & food styling techniques, working closely with the chef to plate the food for photographing, and utilising the correct lighting & photography techniques are all essential ingredients when preparing a food photograph. Then a few finishing touches will cook up an image that looks good enough to eat.

Product Photography

The success of marketing your product does not rest on how good the product is; the true power lies in the emotions that are evoked when your customer sees an image that grabs their attention and draws them in. I work to craft each & every product photograph in a way which evokes desire in your customers. Making every aspect of your product stand out; making your product a must-have.

Architecture & Property

Anybody can take a photo of a building, but to create an image that markets or sells a property takes additional knowledge & expertise. A well-executed architectural photograph can increase the selling price of a property, and is a critical part of the promotion of any commercial building.

Corporate Portraits

Introduce your team and start building relationships with your customers by better connecting with them online. Putting a friendly face to your customer’s contact can make them feel genuinely taken care of; which, in turn, makes them more likely to keep coming back. Well executed photos can enhance the portrayal of your brand, strengthening your marketing message.